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Scautub offers a wide range of insurance from personal auto and home to commercial business. We work with several top companies that allow us to tailor each policy to meet each client’s individual needs as well as provide our customers with the best comparison rates to choose from.

Business Interruption Insurance- How Long Does It Last and What is Not Covered

Business interruption insurance

Business interruptions can take many forms, but the result is still the same at the end of the day. Your company is put in such a financial bind from which it cannot work its way out. This is where business More Info

How to Insure a Driver below the Age of 25

car insurance under 25

Young drivers under 25 pay more car insurance than older drivers, but why? From a college student’s perspective, they are more alert and likely to prevent an accident than older drivers. But from the insurer’s perspective, young drivers don’t have More Info

What Are the Key Factors That Affect Business Insurance Rates?

business insurance rates

Startups cannot afford to overlook insurance if they invest in valuable equipment and human resources. It would be best if you protected your assets since unforeseen circumstances affect all businesses. The primary factors that affect business insurance rates depend on More Info

4 Tips to Help Couples Move in Together Successfully

tips to moving in together

Moving in together with your partner can be exciting. However, before you move in, there are several things you need to consider. Here are some tips for moving in together successfully. 1. Make Sure You Are Ready Make sure you More Info

Can I Use a Commercial Property for Residential Purposes?

commercial property for living purposes

Living in a commercial building might seem harmless and cost-effective, but the law may not always agree. Also, it can cause legal troubles and compromise your safety. Read on to understand the various aspects of living on a commercial property. More Info

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