Does Vaping Increase Your Life Insurance Costs?

Why e-cigarette usage raises your life insurance rates. Your life insurance rates are dependent on a variety of personal factors.  For instance, your habits can influence your life insurance cost.  One bad habit that life insurers watch out for is More Info

How to Avoid Home Insurance Claims

The best way to avoid home insurance claims is by preventing damage. No one wants to overpay for their homeowners insurance.  The best way to keep your home insurance costs down is by avoiding unnecessary claims.  The best way to More Info

What to Do at the Expiry of Your Term Life Policy

Here’s what you should do when your term life insurance policy expires. If the expiration date of your term life insurance policy is approaching, you might not be sure what your next step is.  Here are some of the steps More Info

Don’t Overlook These Seemingly Minor Home Repairs

While these home issues seem small, they can have major consequences. As a homeowner, it’s common to notice small problems with your home.  However, these issues can be eclipsed by more serious issues.  While smaller problems should take a backseat More Info

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