Is Car Insurance Loyalty Discount a Myth?

Are car insurance loyalty discounts a real thing? Many people are puzzled regarding the reality of this car insurance myth. Yes, you can get discounts on your auto insurance policy from your insurance service provider. What’s worth your concern is whether the discount is worth it. If you scrutinize the discounts offered alongside the continuous payment, you might find you just believed one of the most common car insurance myths.

Although you’re getting a discount from your auto insurance service provider, in the long run, you’d realize you’re not saving any money. Every insurance provider knows that the odds are high you’d become uninterested in your auto insurance policy when you keep paying premiums for a long time without making claims. The discount they offer is a car insurance myth and is intended to stimulate your interest in your auto insurance policy for a longer period.

How does the car insurance myth work?

Insurance providers use a price optimization algorithm to predict ahead of time the likelihood of their clients remaining customers while paying increasing premiums over time. The resultant end of this algorithm is that new clients would be paying less money, and the loyal customers would be paying more money.  The discount is not really a discount per se when you approach it from the long-term perspective. This is why the discount is called a car insurance myth. Loyal customers must be able to look beyond the discount offers of your current insurer and compare other insurance service providers.

What’s the loyalty discount about?

The loyalty discounts these auto insurance companies offer take the form of a discount off your total premium as a reward for loyalty. This offer is usually given to loyal customers or people who insure multiple cars or are adding a home insurance policy. The car insurance myth comes into play when there is a significant increase in your premium masked in a discount. When discounts are offered by your insurance company during the renewal of your policy, take your eyes off the discount and evaluate the increase in your premium instead.

Your premium is the amount you pay for your auto insurance. It is usually based on what you seek coverage for, your risk factors, your geographical location, and a lot of other factors. The insurance providers evaluate these factors and risks to determine what the cost of your premium should be.

New customers often are offered lower rates than established customers. With new customers, your insurance provider is gambling between making a new customer and losing a new customer. No insurance provider wants the latter, so they try to make the insurance policy as affordable as possible. At the same time, they reward loyal customers with discounts to keep you interested in renewing your insurance policy. That’s how the car insurance myth works!

Insurance companies have to make a profit. This article only suggests that you consider the overall increase in your premium and not get distracted by “discounts.” The overall price is what matters more than the amount that the insurance company is claiming you are saving. If your rates keep going up or if you feel that you are no longer getting the best deal from your insurance company, then you should consider changing your insurance provider by comparing personalized quotes. Call us today to help you with all your auto insurance concerns.If you need answers to any other insurance-related questions, contact the experts at Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York today. We will be happy to discuss all your insurance coverage needs.

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