Common Insurance-related Terms That You Need to Be Aware Of

insurance related terms

While choosing the right insurance is a task in itself, understanding all the terms and jargon related to it can be quite overwhelming. Since most people have no prior experience before getting their first insurance policy, it is easy to More Info

When to Review Your Commercial Insurance Coverage

commercial insurance

Your business needs can change with time. Your commercial insurance policy should reflect these changes. Scheduling a commercial insurance review every two or three years to keep it up to date is important. A review should also be considered if More Info

Winterize Your Vehicle the Right Way to Avoid Expensive Auto Repairs

Winterize Car

When winter brings its cold temperatures and long nights, your car may have trouble working as it should. If you want to make sure your vehicle is functional even on the coldest days, there are a few things you can More Info

Scautub Agency: What We’re Thankful For

thanksgiving message to clients

The agents and staff at Scautub Agency LLC would like to pass on this very personal and heartfelt message to all of their clients during this special holiday season. Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and giving back to those More Info

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Car Virus-Free and Clean

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Car Virus-Free and Clean

It’s essential to keep your vehicle neat and organized. However, during the current pandemic, it’s even more important to clean and disinfect your car thoroughly after every use as the COVID-19 virus can stay on surfaces for up three days.  Take the More Info

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