Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Scautub home insurance provides protection for your home, rental property or vacation home and their assets. Home insurance policies protect us from unwarranted damage to our home. Home insurance coverage solutions can protect your asset giving you replacement value for your home. It can provide liability coverage for injuries, weather related damages, theft, vandalism and more. Our specialists can provide you multi policy discounts and customize a solution based on the needs of your residence.

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Type of Insurance

    Our Insurance Products

  • Rental Property

    Whether you are an owner or renter; it is imperative to provide insurance for your property and its’ belongings. As a renter, you want to invest in your assets that reside on the property. As a rentor, you want to provide protection for the property if there are any issues. We support both rental and rentor property insurance, differentiating the two to provide full benefits for each. Your investments are unique and should be protected individually. Don’t rely on you rentee or rentor to protect your assets, rely on us to give you the security of insurance.

  • Summer Homes

    Summer Home Insurance is flexible in providing insurance for your home during residence and less comprehensive insurance when it is unoccupied. This will provide additional cost savings yet give you the security for your assets and home when you are not there.

  • Primary Residence

    Home Insurance is more than providing protection for your home. It is providing protection for your investments in your home. We accumulate memories, dreams and articles that build around them in our homes. Our insurance policies will protect those investments and your home’s current value. We go beyond that to provide protection to you and your home when incidents occur beyond your control.

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