Matching Your Business with the Right Business Insurance Policy

Matching Your Business With the Right Business Insurance Policy

Home business or small business? Every business is unique, but every business needs coverage. Here’s how you can match your business with the right business insurance policy.  The type and amount of insurance that you need in order to best More Info

Whip Up This Easy, Healthy Corn & Vegetable Summer Salad Recipe

Corn and Vegetable Summer Salad Recipe

If you’re looking for a healthy meal this summer, this corn & vegetable summer salad recipe is for you!        Can you believe summer’s almost over already? We blinked, and suddenly the kids are getting ready to head back to More Info

Understanding Data Compromise Coverage

Date Compromise Coverage Scotia NY

Protecting Your Business With Data Compromise Coverage In the modern era of business, odds are high you are storing at least some of your data digitally. Whether you have opted for a cloud-based server to keep your files secure, are More Info

Why You MUST Review Your Insurance Policies Annually

Reviewing your Scotia Insurance Policy

The majority of us have a long list of insurance policies we hold. When you first purchased your home, you were required to take out a homeowners’ insurance policy with your mortgage loan. When you purchased your car, you were More Info

What You Need To Know About Insuring Your Home-Based Business

Insuring your Scotia Home-Based Business

As the owner of a home-based business, you have unique risks and liabilities that typical businesses do not have. There is a very high chance that you do not have enough insurance to adequately protect all the equipment that your More Info

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