How to Insure a Driver below the Age of 25

car insurance under 25

Young drivers under 25 pay more car insurance than older drivers, but why? From a college student’s perspective, they are more alert and likely to prevent an accident than older drivers. But from the insurer’s perspective, young drivers don’t have More Info

How to Budget for Your Auto Insurance Costs

Budgeting & Auto Insurance Scotia, NY

Use these tips to find car insurance coverage you can afford. When looking for the right car insurance policy, you should always take price into consideration. However, you shouldn’t completely base your decision off the price because you may not More Info

Common Winter Driving Mistakes To Avoid

Winter Driving Mistakes Scotia, NY

Don’t make these mistakes this winter to help you stay safe on the roads. The winter temperatures are continuing to drop, which means the roads are becoming more dangerous than ever. Since there is no way to completely avoid the More Info

Keep Your Car Running Through Winter

Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Prepare your car for winter and review your Scotia, NY auto insurance. Adjust to the coming chill that comes to New York every winter, and give your car a thought. Keep your car running smoothly throughout the winter by preparing More Info

Beat The Heat In Your Car

Car Insurance Scotia NY

Keep yourself cool with this guide to beating the heat in your car.      Even though summer is wrapping up, we still have a few weeks of heat ahead of us. If you’re tired of getting into your car to More Info

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