Halloween Tips for Your Kid’s Treats

Halloween Tips for Your Kid's Treats

The great holiday of Halloween is upon us, do you know how you can keep your children safe when they go out to Trick-or-Treat?  Halloween is a great holiday in which people all over America dress up as their favorite More Info

Determine Your Workers’ Comp Risk Before It’s Too Late

Determine Your Workers’ Comp Risk Before It’s Too Late

Workers’ comp financially protect your business from legal and medical fees. When people think of workers’ comp claim, they imagine a construction worker who has dropped a steel beam on their foot; the erstwhile scenario has its merits as it certainly More Info

4 Motorcycle Safety Tips

4 Motorcycle Safety Tips

Seasoned riders swear by these tips that keep them safe on the road. Nothing beats the freedom of the road under your two wheels, and the wind rushing over your body. Ideally, the road is an open one with as little More Info

Keep Calm & Trick-or-Treat On

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Stay safe this Halloween with a quick review of Halloween safety tips! Halloween is a time for spooks and scares, but don’t forget safety! With children hyped up on sugar and excited about roaming the streets with their friends, some More Info

Staying Safe On Your Motorcycle This Spring

Reviewing your Insurance Policy Scotia New York

Getting Your Motorcycle Ready To Ride You love your bike for a number of reasons. It lets you feel the fresh air and sunlight. It is much more maneuverable than a car. Its small engine requires a lot less gas. More Info

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