4 Alternatives to Driving This St. Patrick’s DayNever Drink and Drive Under Any Circumstance!

St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to go to the parade, eat corned beef, and drink a pint (or 2). The statistics on drinking and driving can send shivers down your spine, which is incredibly unfortunate because it’s so easily preventable. Here are 4 alternatives to driving that we strongly encourage you take seriously this St. Patrick’s Day.
Before we begin we’d like to add the option of not drinking. If that is not an option, then may we add not drinking profusely as a better alternative.

  1. Designated Driver (DD)

Yes, we know that no one wants to be the DD, but designating one will save your lives. Be fair and draw straws, and whoever gets the shortest one is the DD. The others that will be drinking should offer to pay for gas, plus any soft drink the DD might get while out.

  1. Public Transportation

Make use of buses or trains that are available in your area. Be sure to print out a copy of the train’s schedule to estimate when you should be heading back home before the last train leaves the station and leaves you and your party stranded. Plus, the other people on board will have likely had a long night and make for interesting conversation.

  1. Be the Host

If you don’t feel like traveling, have the party at your place. Instead of paying $6 for one cheap beer, you can spend $15 on twelve (or more). If this sounds like something you might do, make sure to know how your guests will be heading back home—be prepared to offer some couches and floor space in case some can’t make it home.

  1. Ride-sharing services.

This will only work if your city offers the ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft.
The prices will surely surge, but the cost is definitely worth being pulled over (or worse). Download the app and load your payment method before you head out.


From all of the team at Scautub Agency, we hope that you have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day! Be sure to visit our office in Scotia, New York, or give us a call for all of your homeauto, and business insurance needs.