4 Policies to Consider When Starting Your BusinessThinking about starting a business? Be sure to utilize these four insurance coverages.

Thinking about starting your very own business? Maybe you’ve found an untapped market, or you’ve found some people that respond to your talents. Perhaps it is your cooking ability, your computer savviness, or your passion for proper scientific equipment. While every business is unique in its own way, there are some common risks that all businesses face for which they should be protected. Here are four policies that you should consider when starting your business so you can best protect yourself.

  1. Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

A BOP is a policy that every business needs. A BOP combines the protection of general liability insurance and property insurance under one convenient, discounted bundled plan. It provides coverage for lawsuits over bodily injury, property damage, product liability, medical expenses, theft and vandalism, and destruction of your property.

  1. Cyber Liability Insurance

Everything is digital, and it all connects to the web. If you store sensitive information about your clients in your data systems, you may want this in case of a cyber-disaster or security breach.

  1. Commercial Auto Insurance

If you own vehicles that are only used for your business, your personal auto insurance won’t cover any accidents. You need a commercial auto insurance policy to cover accidents that happen while you are driving for work-related purposes.

  1. Personal Liability Insurance

If you offer services, this protects the claims that are made against you for mistakes or failed to provide your advertised employment function.

If you need help finding the right insurance for your business, acting sooner rather than later may be your best bet. Let the experts make sure you’re covered by contacting Scautub Agency. We serve businesses in Scotia and throughout the surrounding New York area by helping them get the protection they need. Get the right business insurance; call us today.