How To: Talk to Your Aging Parents About DrivingIf you need to talk to your aging parents about driving, use this guide.

Your parents spent a lot of their lives protecting you, so it makes sense that you want to protect them as they grow older. One of the most clear-cut ways to do that is to adjust their time behind the wheel according to their changing driving ability. That doesn’t mean, however, that talking to your parents about limiting their driving will be easy. If you’re about to talk to your aging parents about driving, use this guide to make sure it’s a productive conversation.

  • Take notes. It’s one thing to tell your parents you think they might need to give up their keys. It’s entirely another thing to tell them that they might not be safe to drive because of X, Y, and Z. Drive with your parents, and keep mental notes while they’re behind the wheel so you can give tangible examples of how their driving abilities have changed with age.
  • Have options. Taking keys away from your parents could leave them feeling stranded. It doesn’t have to, though. When you have the driving conversation with your parents, have alternate transportation options to offer them whether that’s the chauffer services of your teenaged kids or local community senior transportation.
  • Be understanding. When your parents give up driving, they’ll likely feel like they’re giving up a part of their independence. Be as sympathetic as possible, and approach the conversation gently and kindly.

As you transition your aging parents out from behind the wheel, you’ll likely be doing a bit more driving yourself to get them around. To ensure your New York auto insurance can keep up with the increased mileage, contact Scautub Agency in Scotia. Our expert team understands that your life will change as your parents age, and is here to help you stay protected through every season of life.