The secret to surviving allergy season: use these tips and tricks to keep your symptoms at bay.

Allergy Tips & TricksSpring is here, which is great news if you’re ready for warmer weather and longer days. If you have allergies, though, it’s not-so-great news. As life returns to the earth, so does pollen. And dust. And dander. There’s hope! Use these tips and tricks during allergy season and you can enjoy the spring with fewer symptoms.

  • Stay Clean. Once you go indoors, wash your hands and face to clear pollen off you. If possible, change clothes, too. Shampooing your hair at the end of the day can keep allergens out of your bed so you don’t spike your symptoms as you sleep.
  • Cover Up. Don a hat to keep pollen out of your hair, and large sunglasses to keep your eyes free from pollen as well.
  • Get Informed. Check the daily pollen count from the National Allergy Bureau. On days where pollen count is high, do what you can to stay inside, e.g. work out at the gym instead of going for a run outside.
  • Be Defensive. Take an allergy pill in the morning each day. If you start medicating before your symptoms can kick in, you’ll be able to enjoy your day sneeze-free. If you’re having a hard time finding a pill that works, head to the allergist. A simply scratch test can identify what triggers your allergies so you can choose the right option for your body.

Good luck getting through allergy season! No matter the season, we’re here to meet all of your insurance needs in Scotia and the surrounding New York area. Contact Scautub Agency to learn more about how we can protect you.