American Heart MonthStart feeling your best this year by following these blood pressure tips.

High blood pressure is the number one cause of both strokes and heart disease. February is American Heart Month, which means it is the perfect time to get your blood pressure under control to take care of your heart. Follow these heart-healthy tips to help you reach your blood pressure goal.

  • Work with your doctor – visit your doctor to find out exactly what your blood pressure is. If it is too high, come up with a plan together to get it under control and tactics that you can use to meet that goal. Tracking your blood pressure over time will help you stay on track.
  • Don’t smoke – smoking is not good for your overall health, including your heart health. There are many tips online that can help you quit your smoking habit if you have had trouble quitting in the past. If you don’t smoke, don’t start.
  • Limit your sodium intake – most people eat too much sodium in their daily diet, which can lead to higher blood pressure. Try these tasty recipes that will help to give your body the nutrients it needs without adding more sodium to your diet.
  • Take your medication as directed – if you are prescribed any medication to help keep your blood pressure under control, make sure you are taking it exactly as directed. If you have a difficult time remembering to take your medication at the same time each day, consider setting an alarm on your phone.

All of us at Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York would like to encourage you to try these tips to help you feel your best this month and throughout the year.