Auto Insurance and Holiday Traveling TipsThe holidays often call for traveling in order to be surrounded by the ones you love most. If you and your family will be enjoying a road trip this year, there are a variety of planning measures and safety precautions that must be kept in mind. Gathered are some helpful tips for holiday traveling on the roads to ensure a spectacular holiday season:

  • Before you head out for the open roads, make sure to have your car looked at by a mechanic. They will check to make sure your car and tires are in functioning condition and are able to withstand a long drive.
  • Since the roads become congested during the holidays as everyone is rushing to their holiday destinations, it becomes increasingly more important that you map out your journey in advance. Knowing alternate routes in advance can help you in avoiding an area with heavy traffic.
  • Even if you are only running into the gas station for a minute or two, make sure to keep all valuables out of sight. Anything of value should either be in your trunk or covered.
  • Make sure to have a charged cell phone in the car at all times. This may require you to purchase a car charger to ensure that you are prepared if an emergency occurs.
  • While you may think that there is no harm in allowing your children to take a bathroom break on their own, these unfamiliar areas can prove to be dangerous to tourists, so make sure to accompany them to the bathroom.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Contact Scautub Agency in Scotia for all of your New York auto insurance needs. Do not hesitate to give us a call before you embark on your road trip to confirm sufficient auto insurance coverage.