This spring, there will be lots of baby wildlife roaming around. Use this guide to avoid them on the road.

Avoid Animals on the Road & Auto Insurance Scotia NYSpring has sprung, and the animals are taking advantage of it. From fawns to ducklings to kits, the animal kingdom is bringing its next generation into the world during this time of year. Those younglings need to explore, and that unfortunately means they’ll likely be crossing a road or two. Make sure they don’t get in your way! Use this guide to avoid animals on the road during springtime and throughout the year.

Slow down!

This is a no-brainer, but it’s easy to get in the habit of rushing from Point A to Point B. Trust us, a collision with a deer is not worth the initial shock, emotional trauma, and $2,800 people pay on average for deer-related repairs. Slow down, especially when you see yellow animal crossing signs.

In the dark, keep it under 45 mph.

Most headlights illuminate 250 feet in front of the vehicle. If you’re traveling over 45 mph, by the time something appears in your headlights you won’t be able to stop before you hit it! Keep your speedometer below 45 at night to avoid a collision with wildlife.

Keep an eye out for eyes.

Almost all wildlife have reflective eyes. If you see a weird spot of light as you’re driving, it’s probably your headlights reflecting off an animal’s eyes. Slow down, and keep an eye out. Animals usually don’t travel alone, so if you spot one it’s safe to assume there will be others on the road.

These tips will help you protect wildlife on the road, but are you protecting yourself? Make sure you’re covered; contact Scautub Agency for all of your auto insurance needs. Our Scotia, New York team can help keep you – and your wallet – safe as you drive this spring.