This winter, watch out for these common causes of car breakdowns.

Winter can be brutal on your car.  That’s why you should be more vigilant about your car’s condition this winter.  To ensure that your car doesn’t break down and leave you stranded, look out for these common causes of winter car breakdowns.

Dead Battery

When temperatures drop, it’s harder for your car’s battery to produce charge.  This means that it may not produce enough energy to start up.  To avoid this issue, make sure that you get your car’s battery inspected by a mechanic.  This will ensure that it is performing well enough to survive the cold winter months.  If your battery is not up to par, then you might want to consider investing in a battery designed to handle colder temperatures.


Surprisingly, having your car overheat is still a problem, even in winter.  When it gets colder, your motor oil congeals and becomes thicker.  This means that it requires more effort to circulate this oil.  This, in turn, can cause your car to overheat.  To prevent this, ask your mechanic to do a winter oil change.  An oil with a thinner in consistency will do better in colder temperatures.

Flat and Worn Tires

Finally, another major issue your car might face this winter is underinflated and worn tires.  When it gets colder, your tire pressure decreases.  To prevent underinflated tires from putting your car at risk, make sure that your check your tire pressure before setting out on a drive.  Your car’s user manual should detail the optimal pressure for your car’s tires.  Another issue your car faces this winter is the risk of worn tire tread.  Inadequate tread will make your car much more likely to skid in snowy and icy road conditions.  To avoid this, have your tires inspected and have them changed if necessary.  This will help you avoid any major traffic hazards this winter.

Watch out for these common causes of car breakdowns to keep you and your car stay safe all winter long.  For another way to protect yourself this winter, make sure that you have the right insurance protections to address your needs.  To find the right coverage for you, contact the team at Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York.  We are ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.