If your things get destroyed, a home inventory provides evidence to your homeowners insurance company so they can properly reimburse you.

If you ever have to file a homeowners insurance claim because of lost, stolen, or damaged property, you have to submit a list of those things. Having a list of all of your possessions available at a moment’s notice will make it easier for your homeowners insurance to properly gauge your losses and get your insurance claim settled faster. Here are a few tips on how you can conduct a home inventory.

Break It Up

This task can seem like an impossible mountain to climb, so it’s best to start this process by breaking it up into smaller more doable tasks. Deal with one room at a time and list everything in that room.

Photograph and Video

Visual evidence makes it that much easier for your insurance company to properly process your claim. Write a description on either the back if you have a physical copy or the notes of that image if you keep digital copies.

Be Specific

You have to describe the item. No one is asking you to be David Foster Wallace in your descriptions, but note where it was bought, the price, condition, current value, and date of when you purchased your item.

Big-Ticket Items

Don’t forget to list your big ticket items! Every policy usually carries with it a cap for every item. If you have things like expensive tech, art, jewelry, et cetera, you need to make sure to add these to your inventory and protect them with the right coverage.

Store It on the Cloud

Even if you have a physical copy, make sure that you have a digital copy uploaded. You never know if your physical copies will themselves get damaged or lost.

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