Create an Awesome Inventory With These Top AppsKeep a record of your stuff with these helpful inventory apps.

Insurers suggest you keep an inventory of all your belongings in case something should happen to them. By providing photographic evidence of your lost or damaged items, you could get them replaced, or even compensation for those items. It could, however, be very useful for moves, or renovations, should anything become lost or slightly damaged. Having a record of all things in your home can give you peace of mind when it comes to order and assurance.

DreamVault (Android, iOS) – This app comes from American Family Insurance. It allows users to upload pictures and information, like serial number, price, and model, regarding the object. You can use the folder feature to put everything in its place, and export them to your computer.

Sortly (iOS) – Are you moving? This is the app for you. It allows you to value your things, and allows you to take short videos and place them into categories. Should any damage occur, you’ll have video evidence to prove it was damaged in the move.

The Home Inventory (Android & iOS) – Keep an inventory using the items’ barcodes, and edit them with pictures and other valuable information.

The Liberty Mutual Home Gallery App (Android & iOS) – This free app document allows you to store, itemize, price, and date your items. It even keeps track of the location of the items in respect to where they are in your house when you recorded that information. If you want to move it to your computer, you can export the report as a PDF.


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