Design trends are meant to make your home unique and add a touch of character. Certain design trends may be beautiful, but if they aren’t properly constructed can be quite dangerous. Even though some of these trends may prove difficult, many people still choose to have them in their homes. If you have any of these design trends in your home, you should follow these steps to make them safe.

Open Staircases

Open staircases have open spaces along the side and between the steps. This can be extremely dangerous for pets or small children, who can slip through the open areas and fall several feet. Open staircases also have specific weight limits that prevent them from being safe under certain circumstances.

Floating Shelves

When used appropriately, floating shelves are safe and effective. Be aware of how much weight you plan on putting on each shelf. Too much weight will cause them to become unstable, and the slightest amount of pressure will cause them to fall. Additional brackets or rods to stabilize the shelves, but you will still want to keep their weight to a minimum.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have benefits when it comes to lighting and fluid movements from one area to another. This ease of movement can pose a hazard to children because it’s more challenging to prevent them from getting near stoves or other heat sources. Open floor plans are also a significant fire hazard since there are no walls to obstruct the movement of the flames.

Exposed Pipework/Plumbing

Exposed pipework or plumbing may be aesthetically pleasing, but can also be dangerous. Exposing your piping can leave it vulnerable to various types of damage. Even though it makes it easier to work on your plumbing, exposed plumbing can also collect dirt and dust. Cleaning the pipes regularly is a must.

Vintage or Antique Appliances

Antique toasters, refrigerators, and stoves can pose unique safety problems. Instead of using the old appliances, look for new models that meet today’s safety standards but look like their vintage predecessors. If you have an older appliance, keeping it until it breaks down may be costly. Replace it now.

Exposed Brick or Rock

Exposed brick may be nice, but it is very porous. Bricks can absorb moisture, dust, and dirt that sticks to the surface. The particles can then become airborne and lower the air quality inside your home. When moisture starts to penetrate brick, it can also attract critters like centipedes and spiders.

Electronics Above Fireplaces and Other Heat Sources

Electronics may look nice when above a fireplace, but it can lead to huge problems if soot, dirt, and heat get into the casing. It may damage the device and void the manufacturer’s warranty. If the television is too heavy, it can result in a fire hazard.

Hammock Seating

Hammocks are great for lounging in the backyard but can be dangerous if used inside your home. An injury could occur if someone tries to get into or out of one without knowing how to do it safely. Leave the hammock in the yard away from end tables and other complex objects.

Design trends that are all the rage may be fun, but try to avoid the ones that can lead to an unexpected injury. Contact us at Scautub Agency today to learn more about how to reduce your risk of injuries in your household.


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