Distracted Driving and Auto Insurance Scotia NYStow these devices to avoid distracted driving, save on your Scotia, NY auto insurance.

We might think of distracted driving as a small issue but, in fact, it contributes to thousands of fatal crashes out on the road each year. The moment you pull your eyes or your focus away from the road is the moment a hazard can go unnoticed, putting yourself and others at risk.

One of the leading causes of distracted driving is device use. Put away these devices when behind the wheel to avoid distracted driving, save lives, and save on your Scotia, NY auto insurance!

  • Cellphones: Since 46 states have outlawed texting and driving and 14 have banned using a handheld cell while driving, you would think this wouldn’t really be an issue. Unfortunately, though, the National Safety Council reports that one out of every four accidents today involves a cellphone! Stow your phone; avoid an accident.
  • Hand-free Devices: Since they were partially designed to make it easier to drive and use your phone’s and car’s features, hands-free devices imply safety. The truth is that they still pull your attention away from the road, though. Studies show that hands-free devices contribute to distracted driving.
  • Navigation Systems: Turning your eyes away from the road to look at your next turn is extremely dangerous. Fortunately, your navigation system offers you turn-by-turn audio directions, provided you program your destination before you put your car in drive. Use this feature to avoid becoming a hazard on the road.

We want to say thank you for doing what you can to keep our roads safe for everyone, and one of the best ways we know how to do that is to help you keep more money in your own pocket. To learn about how your safe driving can help slash your auto insurance rates, contact Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York.