Do You Know When It's Time to Update Your BathroomA bathroom should be a room of comfort and provide the optimal environment for a relaxing shower or taking care of business. 

The bathroom is a room you visit every day for various reasons, so it’s important that you do not feel uncomfortable in your bathroom. If your bathroom is victim to poor lighting, bad layout, and leaky fixtures, it may be time to upgrade your sanitation sanctuary. Here are a few signs that could mean your bathroom is due for an update.

Signs It’s Time to Update Your Bathroom

Everyone’s taken a bathroom mirror selfie and through this picture, they realize that they have to tidy up and take another one before they post it to social media. Taking pictures of your bathroom lets you see what your eyes can’t. If you don’t like the things you see in the picture, it could be time to update your bathroom.

Outdated Colors

Funky colors like lime green and magenta may have been the way to decorate in the 90s, but times have changed and so too have bathroom colors. White, gray, and black palettes add an element of ageless beauty. People are coming back to that sleek look with modern accessories.

Leaking Is Not Normal

When you see brown stains appear on the sink or bathtub, that means something is leaking and should be repaired. Take this time to upgrade your sink and bathtub to get a brand new feel for your bathroom.

Poor Lighting

If you’re blinded by your lights in the morning or they’re so dim you can barely see yourself in the mirror, that’s an issue. Better light fixtures and brighter, dimmable light bulbs may be the first step in creating a better bathroom experience for you and your guests.

Protect your newly decorated bathroom with a quality homeowners insurance policy. Bathroom makeovers are not covered under your homeowners insurance policy, but if your bathroom were to be damaged by a covered event, it would receive compensation for your current one. Get more coverage for less by contacting Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York.