Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Cracked Windshields?

Cracked windshields are an extreme inconvenience, but are they covered by your auto insurance policy?

It happens to all of us: you’re driving behind a construction vehicle with over 10 tons of rock and debris, and one tiny pebble falls after hitting a bump in the road. Time slows down as you track every movement this pebble is making, but you know your windshield’s fate is sealed. Crack! You look up to the heavens and wonder if some higher power has it out for you. There was no collision involved, and you’re left wondering if your insurance will cover you. Find out if your insurance will cover your windshield should it be cracked when there’s no collision involved.

Big Problems Come in Small Packages

If left alone, the crack will continue to grow over time. While a small crack poses no immediate threat to the driver, a large crack may prove to be fatal—especially if the fates throw another stone your way.

Comprehensive Coverage

If your auto insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage you can sigh in relief now because you’re covered! There’s some information that you must determine about your windshield first. Is the damage to your windshield less than the length of a dollar bill? If so, then a repair, rather than a replacement, is the likely option for you.

Scautub’s policies will include the option of Full Coverage Window Glass insurance; meaning no deductible will apply. Each insurance carrier has a glass shop they work with and will determine if repairing or replacing the windshield is necessary and take the appropriate action.

For full coverage on your auto insurance and peace of mind for when your teen takes control of the wheel, contact Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York.