Earth Day is almost here! Get your home ready for the holiday with these eco-friendly tips.

Eco-Friendly Home Tips for Earth DayIn just one week’s time, it will be Earth Day! While this holiday may not get as much commercial hype as say, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, it’s definitely an important one. After all, without a healthy earth, where would we be? In trouble, that’s where! If you want to celebrate the upcoming holiday, use these tips to make your home more eco-friendly before April 22nd.

  • Draw your shades. As the weather warms up, you’ll get more and more tempted to run the AC. If you close your blinds during the day, you’ll keep your home cooler and cut your energy bill and your energy waste.
  • Add your name to a “No Solicitation” registry. Not only will you be minimizing the headache of unwanted piles of mail, you’ll also ensure paper isn’t being wasted in sending you credit card offers, advertisements, and other junk mail. Also, sign up for paperless billing.
  • Invest in a reusable water bottle. Your bottle will pay for itself in just a handful of uses (bottled water is expensive!), and you can help seriously reduce waste. Four out of every five plastic water bottles aren’t recycled, and this created 1.5 tons of waste annually!
  • Put all of your electronics on a power strip. Power them down by turning off the power strip, and you’ll slash your energy waste and save five percent on your electricity bill.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water to preserve their color and avoid energy waste. Then, line dry them. You’ll avoid shrinking and more unnecessary energy usage!

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