Emergency Preparedness: What You Need to Survive

The thing about disasters is that we can never truly be ready for them because the future is unknown. But that shouldn’t deter you from having an emergency preparedness plan. 

If a disaster strikes your community and leaves you all in shambles, do you have the right supplies to last? It is important that you do because you may not have access to food or water or electricity for several days. If you want to significantly increase your chances for you and your family’s survival, it is important you carry the following supplies.

3 Days Worth of Food and Water

  • One gallon per person, per day. And don’t forget about the needs of your pets!
  • Carry non-perishable foods like canned soup, beans, pasta, vegetables, et cetera
  • Manual can opener

First-Aid Kit

  • Emergency blanket
  • 3-day supply of all necessary medication minimum
  • Necessary medical supplies like syringes, walking cane, hearing aides, epi-pens


  • Flashlight
  • Solar powered phone charger
  • Hand-crank radio
  • Extra batteries


  • Copies of important documents like insurance cards, immunization records, forms of ID like a driver’s license or passports or visas

Personal Hygiene Items

  • You need to take care of your hygienic health, so bring supplies like soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, baby wipes, contact solution, and more

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Your plan must

  • be practiced at least once a year;
  • include a rendezvous point in which everyone meets after the disaster;
  • always be updated if there are any changes to your home or to the meeting point

It is also recommended that you pack in a deck of cards or something to help pass the time and keep your mind occupied.

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