Fall Table Decorating Ideas for a Festive ThanksgivingThe normal Thanksgiving decorations can get quite dull after a while, take these neat ideas into consideration. 

Thanksgiving is a time where you get to show off your decorating ability to your friends and family. If you are tired of decorating your dinner table in the same fashion year after year, take these fall table decorating ideas and try one out. The change in table will make Thanksgiving feel like a brand new experience to you and to your family and friends.

Fall Table Decorating Ideas for a Festive Thanksgiving

Silver & Gold

If you have the right proportions, opposites don’t always clash and can actually work in tandem. Use cutlery and candlesticks in different finishes for a perfectly mismatched look. Don’t be afraid to mix metals on the table!

Natural Look

Nix the linens and decorate with magnolia leaves down the middle of the Thanksgiving table. The thick-foliaged decor creates a rather rustic feel.

Bold Design

What goes best with a grand and bold feast? A grand and bold table decorated to be enjoyed by the eyes. Become a flower arranging genius with single blossoms–the perfect Thanksgiving flora. Don’t be stingy! Use several vases and use different heights.


Bring out nature with this amazing decorating tip. Incorporate succulents with cut flowers. Include wild and colorful flowers in clear vases to give the illusion of nature right on your dining room table.

Buffet Style

Instead of having to wait for the gravy to make its way around your aunt who loves to talk and your uncle who gets too political about everything, stylize your dining room table in the buffet style. Everyone can serve what they want and when they want it. Make sure there’s access from both ends of the table to make the line go twice as fast.

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