Grilling Safety TipsEnsuring A Worry-Free Barbecue

Summer is just around the corner which means your grill will finally be in use! As you prepare for the influx of summer barbecues that you will be hosting, it is important to refresh your memory of vital safety tips. When you have mastered both the grill and the safety measures that should be followed, you can host summer barbecues without a worry in the world! Keep these important grilling safety tips in mind:

  • If you have recently purchased a new grill, be sure to read the owner’s manual. Despite common neglect, this is extremely important in ensuring safety. Your owner’s manual will explain to you the proper way to assemble and use your grill.
  • It is important to note that grills are intended for outside use ONLY. Even if it rains on your party, you cannot bring your grill inside. Grills are only to be used outside and in well-ventilated areas to ensure safety.
  • Speaking of your grill’s location, be sure that it is away from any and all combustibles, including overhead surfaces. Also, your grill should be placed on sturdy grounds.
  • Before throwing the meat on the Barbie, be sure to get out all necessary long-handed utensils in case you need to move anything immediately. Using long-handed utensils helps to avoid splatters and burns.
  • Always be prepared to light a fire. This means having a fire extinguisher and baking soda ready just in case you need to take control of a grease fire.
  • Even if you are decorating the house for a special event, keep the décor away from the grill. The last thing you want is for the birthday balloons to start a full-blown house fire.

Keep these grilling safety tips in mind so that you can host a worry-free barbecue. Contact Scautub Agency in Scotia for all of your New York insurance needs.