Hazards & Business Insurance Scotia, NYChoosing the right insurance coverage can help keep your company safe and sound.

When you look for insurance coverage for your business, you probably consider everything that could go wrong inside your company walls. However, you also need to consider what hazards lie just outside. Knowing what business insurance policies are needed to protect you from outdoor hazards can help to ensure you have the most comprehensive business insurance portfolio.

Your business owner’s policy, or BOP, will typically provide coverage for your business’s physical building, as well as the furniture and other items that you keep inside. Depending on your specific policy, you may also have coverage for any business property that is damaged or stolen within 100 feet of your company building. Make sure to talk with your insurance agent to see just how much coverage you have.

There are many other coverage options that you may want to consider that will help to better protect your company, including:

  • Mechanical breakdown or outdoor signage coverage if you have an outdoor sign that is not connected to your building.
  • Outdoor property coverage if you have any antennae, fences, or satellite dishes that would exceed the limits provided by your BOP.
  • Property in transit and off-premises coverage if you commonly carry any company equipment to a different location, such as speakers or lighting systems.
  • Outdoor property coverage if you have extensive and expensive landscaping.

Working with your independent agent is the best way to make sure that you are able to choose the right business insurance policies that are tailored to your specific needs.

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