How to Avoid a Valentine's Day DisasterEnsure that your Valentine’s Day is without disaster and goes according to plan by considering these Valentine’s Day tips.

Valentine’s Day is nearing and if you have not made your plans yet, you still have two weeks to plan something! Two weeks may not sound like a lot, but it may be just enough time to make it seem like you were responsible and planned things out months in advance. If you want your Valentine’s Day to go according to “plan,” here are a few tips you should strongly consider.

  1. Make Reservations Early
    You still have two weeks, so not all tables should be reserved at this point. Call one of your favorite restaurants to make reservations. You can take this opportunity to try foods you haven’t tried before–to make things a bit more exotic.
  2. Plan Your Date
    Ice skating, star gazing, a walk down the beach, completing an escape room are all great date ideas. Nothing is worse than not having a plan on this romantic holiday, so make sure that you plan everything in advance.
  3. Saving Money Doesn’t Have to Be Dull
    Your budget does not have to constrict your romantic night. You can plan to make dinner at home; there are hundreds of YouTube videos that can help you cook just about any meal you can think of. Additionally, you can adorn your home with romantic decorations like heart-shaped balloons, rose petals, and even some candles. You can finish the night with a great movie–we suggest something light-hearted and comical, to keep the mood a positive one.

All of us at Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York would like to encourage you to try these tips to help ensure that your Valentine’s Day goes smoothly and is absent of disaster.