The COVID-19 outbreak has hit every country, and pretty much every industry has been affected in the last couple of months. With almost all offices shut down, employers are worried about the safety of their businesses. This blog covers some of the crime prevention tips that you can follow to keep your business protected.

Business Crime Prevention Tips During the Coronavirus Pandemic

If your office is down to your skeletal staff, you can ask them to take care of a few crucial things in the office. Here are a few crime prevention tips to protect your company during COVID- 19:

Alarms and Security

Make sure the security system is intact: cameras, sensors, alarms, and central monitoring. The devices should be able to send alerts to mobile phones or other devices so that employees can inform the police in case something gets triggered. If the building has a security guard, check if he is taking all the safety precautions.

If there are some valuables at the workplace like cash, it’s better to take them home even if you have all the security arrangements.

Data Backup and Remote Access

Cybercrime has also shot up during the COVID-19 outbreak because servers and other office systems are not being monitored that often. Ensure all the data in the computers are safely backed up and encrypted.

Check with your employees and colleagues if they can work from home without a hassle, at least as far as getting access to the necessary data and resources. Similarly, check with your clients if they can contact the important staff in your company to continue business projects.

With several businesses shutting down during this pandemic, taking insurance is a significant step towards protecting your business. Looking for some guidance on business insurance? Contact the experts at Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York. Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your business insurance needs.