Warning Signs Telling You It’s Time for a New RoofDo you know when it’s time to get a new roof? These warning signs should give you some indication.

Having a solid roof above your head is essential for a warm, cozy, and leak-free home. They protect us from the many elements and insects that exist outside of our four walls. Only a quality roof will protect you from the outdoors; a damaged roof won’t give you the protection you seek, which is why it’s important to know the signs of when to replace your roof. Here are the warnings signs of your roof telling you it’s time to give it an upgrade and get a new roof.

  1. Its 25th birthday is near. A roof can only take so much pummeling before all the wear and tear start showing up. The average asphalt shingle roof only lasts about 25 years. That’s 25 years of protecting you from rain, hail, and debris.
  2. The shingles have begun to curl. Cupping and clawing are the two primary forms of shingles showing their age. Cupping is when the edges are still sticking to the roof while the middle sags, making a concave shingle. Clawing shows when the edges curl like they’re experiencing rigor mortis.
  3. Shingles have gone missing. While replacing the missing shingles instead of replacing the entire roof is definitely an option, you’ll find that matching shingles can be quite difficult. Eventually, when the roof looks like a chess board, many opt to replace their roof.

Having a new and improved roof will give you the protection that you deserve, but none of that will mean anything if you don’t have a quality homeowners insurance policy. While normal wear and tear is not a covered damage on most home insurance policies, if a tree were to go right through your house, it would pay for the replacement of the roof (and the other damages). Get more coverage for less by contacting Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York.