How You Can Reduce Your Risk for Cyber LiabilityCyber attacks are an all too common occurrence in our digital world and businesses of all sizes are at risk.

Businesses of all shapes, sizes, and services need to turn their attention towards the internet when it comes to data breach liability concerns. A data breach gives criminals access to personal information about employees and customers that could not only end up in the wrong hands, but can lead to nasty lawsuits or destroy your reputation as a trusted business. Here are ways you can reduce your risk of cyber liability.

  1. Update Your Router
    If you still have the router that was provided by your internet company or a consumer-grade router, chances are you have a router that’s vulnerable to a cyber attack. If hackers gain access to your router, they can view all of your traffic to and from your router. Things like passwords, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and other sensitive information is at risk. A commercial-grade router is what businesses need to reduce their risk of a cyber attack substantially.
  2. Properly Train Employees
    This training includes changing passwords regularly and the proper safeguarding of passwords. If your company allows employees to bring their own devices (e.g. smartphone and laptops) make sure that they know the correct security measures when using their devices on your business’s network.
  3. Cyber Liability Coverage
    One can only reduce the risk of a cyber attack, not eliminate it entirely. Look at Sony, a giant corporation that whose network was hacked only a few years ago. A cyber liability insurance policy financially protects your business from lawsuits–up to the policy limit, of course.

The internet should be a great and wonderful place to conduct business and communicate with clients. Let the experts make sure you’re covered by contacting Scautub Agency. We serve businesses in Scotia and throughout the surrounding New York area by helping them get the protection they need. Get the right business insurance; call us today.