Insuring Jewelry: Do You Have Enough?Additional jewelry coverage can help protect your most valuable precious pieces, do you know if you have enough? 

The ring from your significant other. An amulet handed down through generations. Or a necklace or watch that marks a special occasion. Behind every piece of jewelry is a story, and each story is a reason why it should be insured.

Calling it “jewelry insurance” might be a bit of a stretch as you do not need a separate policy to protect your jewelry. You just have to make sure that you have the right amount of coverage for your personal property. Do you know if you have enough coverage to protect your valuable pieces of jewelry?

What does your existing policy cover?

For protection to help protect your jewelry, you should look no further than your homeowners insurance policy, but as you are looking, make sure to read through your policy. Typical homeowners insurance does provide coverage but may not provide coverage for typical jewelry-damage like a stone falling out of its setting.

What’s the value of your jewelry?

You may consider the monetary value of your jewelry second-hand when compared to the sentimental value, but if you want proper coverage, you need to know the money. Hiring an appraiser to value your collection is the best way to do this–then, you can get the coverage you know will fully protect your valuables.

Protect what needs protecting.

Now that you know your coverage amount, you can adjust your policy to fit all of your needs. Just speak to your agent!

When it comes to your valuable jewelry, a proper and adequate homeowners insurance policy deserves to be one that protects your home and all of your valuable belongings with more than monetary value, but sentimental as well. Get more coverage for less by contacting Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York.