Keep Your Teen Safe Behind the Wheel3 driving tips to keep your teenager safe on the road.

Teenagers are responsible for more car accidents than any other age group that drives. That doesn’t mean that your teenager will get into an accident, especially if they start practicing safe driving the day they receive their license. As an added incentive, you’ll be eligible for more discounts if you keep your driving record clean. Below are 3 safe driving tips to keep your teenager when they drive.

  1. No texting.

Your teen has likely heard this as many times as they’ve heard to keep their room clean. The only difference is that a dirty room won’t cause fatal injuries. The average time lost on the road is 4.6 seconds—more than an entire football field is crossed in this time at 60mph. It’s best to keep your eyes on the road, and saves you the price of a ticket. To best avoid texting, turn your phone off, or put it in the trunk.

  1. Speed Limit Shouldn’t Be a Suggestion

Speeding is one of the leading causes to fatal teen accidents! This is especially true when the teens are driving on unfamiliar roads; they don’t know what signs and rules to expect for new roads.

  1. Drive (Han) Solo

Avoid driving with more than one teen driver in your car. Even driving with just one teen driver doubles the chances of an accident, and the chances grow exponentially by riding with more. If your teen is driving, have them be like Han: travelling with only one other passenger . . . their Chewbacca.

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