Make your New Year's Resolutions StickTips To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Every New Year we think of the things we want to do or the goals we want to reach and we make our New Year’s resolutions. Following through and keeping this resolution is often easier said than done for a number of reasons. Maybe we do not have enough time, or circumstances change, but whatever the reason, we find ourselves wondering where our resolve went. Keep your New Year’s resolution this year by keeping in mind these tips for setting your goals.

  • Be realistic: Unrealistic goals are probably the main reason that New Year’s resolutions often fail. You know your life and what you have time for, so make your goal attainable for you. Instead of resolving to never eat fast food, resolve to eat fast food only once or twice a month. Instead of saying you’ll go to the gym every day, decide to go to the gym twice a week. Striving for a goal that is attainable is a sure way to set you up for success.
  • Plan ahead: Instead of waiting last minute to make a resolution, you should plan well in advance to make sure that your goal is something you have thought about rather than something spur of the moment. This will help you to be in the right mindset to keep your goal because you have put a lot of thought into it.
  • Keep trying: One mistake many people make is giving up completely when they slip up once or twice. Take your resolution one day at a time and do the best you can. It is okay to slip up. It takes almost a month for a new activity to start to become a habit, so if your goals do not happen overnight, it is natural. Your chances of success go way up if you simply stick with your resolution.

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