Individuals currently serving in the U.S. military are often deployed for long periods, which prevents them from using their car during that time. This makes their auto insurance needs different from others. Keeping this in mind, several insurance providers offer specialized auto insurance for the military that includes their unique insurance needs.

This blog discusses the various aspects of auto insurance for the military, such as the people eligible for the insurance, the factors determining auto insurance costs, companies that offer discounts for this coverage, and the steps to take before and after deployment to ensure that you do not face any auto insurance-related issues on your return.

What is Military Car Insurance?

Auto insurance for the military, also referred to as military car insurance, is a specialty insurance coverage designed exclusively to benefit both active and veteran members of the U.S. military. The insurance also provides coverage to eligible family members, such as:

  • Spouses
  • Widows
  • Former spouses now unmarried
  • Children and stepchildren

Also, if your parent served in the military, the membership eligibility can be extended to your spouse and children.

Factors that Impact Auto Insurance Rates

The main factors that may determine your auto insurance for military rates include the following:

  • Age
  • Driving record
  • Area of residence
  • Vehicle model
  • Car insurance claim history
  • Coverages included in your car insurance policy
  • Collision and comprehensive insurance deductible
  • Credit-based score (barring a few states)

Do Insurance Companies Offer Military Car Insurance Discounts?

Louisiana has instituted a requirement for insurance providers to extend a 25% discount on liability coverage in auto insurance to active-duty military personnel. On the other hand, Montana provides discounts to members of the Montana National Guard who have completed a defensive driving course.

Other insurance companies across the country, too, offer discounts on military car insurance for serving and veteran members of the U.S. military and their families.

How to Pause Car Insurance for Deployment?

Before going on a long-term deployment, you may take specific steps to pause your auto insurance for the military. They include:

  • Inform your insurance provider about your deployment and ask whether a part or all of your policy can be suspended during your deployment period.
  • Do not opt for cancelation of your policy as it may lead to a lapse of coverage. Following your return from deployment, you may find it difficult to get car insurance.
  • Fill up the “affidavit for non-use” document on your state’s DMV website to notify your state about your absence.
  • Ask your insurance provider if you are eligible for any discount.

How to Reinstate Car Insurance after Return from Deployment?

You need to reinstate your auto insurance for the military once you return from deployment. You can do so by:

  • Contact your insurance provider to inform them about your return. Ask for the formalities to be completed for the successful reinstatement of your car insurance and update your insurance paperwork accordingly.
  • Browse through your state’s DMV website to check the validity of your car’s registration.
  • Wait for your registration and insurance details to be updated and then drive to avoid paying penalties.

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