Reviewing your Insurance Policy Scotia New YorkGetting Your Motorcycle Ready To Ride

You love your bike for a number of reasons. It lets you feel the fresh air and sunlight. It is much more maneuverable than a car. Its small engine requires a lot less gas. All of those are definite benefits, but the small size and open construction also makes you more exposed to danger out on the road. When you are bringing your motorcycle out of storage, protect it and yourself by using these safety tips.

  • Light It Up: After being stored all winter, it is crucial that your motorcycle’s lights—including the headlights, turn signals, and brake lights—are all still functioning properly. Test them to ensure you will be safe while navigating the roadways.
  • Fill Fluids: Now is a perfect time to check the levels of all of your bike’s fluids. Change your engine oil and consider flushing your fuel tank if your motorcycle was in storage for more than a couple months.
  • Get Gear: Make sure that your helmet still fits you well and is in good shape. If your face shield is scratched or worn, switch it out for goggles or glasses so your vision will not be impaired.
  • Test It Out: Even if your bike did not get rusty during the off months, you may have. Take a leisurely drive close to home to brush up your skills before hitting any high-speed highways.

We know that your motorcycle is very different than a car or truck, and consequently know that your motorcycle insurance will be different from traditional auto insurance. So you can get a policy that is as unique as your bike and is specifically designed to protect it, contact Scautub Agency. Our expert staff in Scotia is here to help you get the coverage you need to fly down the New York roads worry free.