Making changes to your motorcycle can have a direct impact on your insurance coverage. In fact, some modifications can change your bike to the point where your insurance policy is no longer effective. Specific upgrades, especially those related to speed and performance, can void your policy altogether. Even simple modifications that many people think are fairly basic can put your motorcycle in a new category that your insurance may not cover. Let’s continue reading to explore this topic briefly.

Engine Modifications

Swapping an engine or upgrading your exhaust can increase your motorcycle’s performance. If you change your engine displacement rating too much, it can change its classification when it comes to your insurance coverage. An increase in performance and a boost in speed will increase your risk of being involved in an accident. Too much of an increase in risk will void your policy.

Suspension Modifications

Changing or altering your bike’s suspension in any way will make it handle different on several types of road conditions. If your bike doesn’t handle properly, your risk of being involved in an accident can be dramatically increased. Even if you are an experienced rider, modifying your suspension may take a little while to get used to. When you plan on making any changes, discuss them with your insurance agent so your policy isn’t canceled without warning.

Cosmetic Modifications

Making cosmetic modifications may not have anything to do with your bike’s performance, but they can still have an impact on your motorcycle insurance. A custom paint job or custom-made parts of any kind can increase the overall value of your bike. It will make your original insurance policy inadequate. Make sure to report all types of cosmetic changes to your insurance agent to ensure you are sufficiently covered.

Safety Modifications

Believe it or not, some safety modifications can also void your policy. When you request a quote on your bike and then modify it, the original quote becomes null and void. Before you actually make the safety upgrades, talk to your insurance agent. When you add brake locks or anti-theft devices, your policy can be made to reflect those modifications. It may even save you money each month on your premiums.

Stay Completely Protected with Scautub Agency

It’s important to always notify your agent of any upgrades you make to your bike. Even modifications that work to your advantage can cause your insurance coverage to be canceled. If you are thinking about modifying your motorcycle, consult the Scautub Agency’s agents. We can ensure your insurance is adjusted to include any new enhancements or modifications you make. Don’t forget to talk to our agents! We are always here to help! Contact us today for further assistance.


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