New Year's Resolutions for Scotia Business OwnersSmall Business New Year’s Resolutions

The promise and excitement that the New Year brings with New Year’s resolutions does not just have to apply to your personal goals. With the New Year beginning, it is a practical time to enhance your business by setting goals and positively impacting your employees and your business. Here are some New Year’s resolutions to make for your small business!

  • Involve others in your goal. It is your business, so you are the one taking the risks, but your employees have invested in your business as well. Resolve to take them into account as you set or plan your goals for the year. This will give them more confidence in the business and it could make them more active in making those goals a reality.
  • Communicate more. As the leader of your business, you must be the one to follow through and communicate with your employees to ensure your message is received. Just because you sent an email, does not mean it was understood. Resolve to communicate more actively this year and follow through with all communications to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • Talk less, listen more. As the boss, you want to get your points or ideas across to your employees, but it might be beneficial to take a step back and hear what your employees think before you roll out a new idea. It can be intimidating to give input after your boss just spent 15 minutes explaining this new idea they are so excited about. Resolve to listen more as a boss, so that your employees get a chance to be heard.

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