Prevent Flooding During Spring ThawIs Your Coverage Sufficient For The Changing Seasons?

Most of us welcome the spring thaw. After the extremely intense winter storms we had, the coming warmer seasons will offer a much needed reprieve from the cold. Unfortunately, the changing temperatures also bring an increased risk of flooding.

When the spring comes and brings an increase in temperature and rain, the snow that coats the ground melts quickly. You might think that is great news, as it will clear the roadways, but it can cause flooding. Until the ground fully thaws, which takes time, it is unable to absorb the water that comes from the melted snow. That means that this water has nowhere to go except across the area, creating flooding.

Melted snow is not the only thing that can cause flooding. As ice that froze over lakes and rivers breaks up, it can float downstream and build up, causing ice jams. These jams block the rivers, also causing flooding.

While you cannot prevent flooding this spring, you can protect your home. Did you know that flood insurance is not included in standard homeowners insurance policies? To ensure that your home is protected from the expense of serious water damage that can come with a spring thaw after a major winter like the one we survived, it is important that you carry flood insurance. Get this kind of coverage today, as flood insurance policies take 30 days to become effective. Do not leave your home at risk this spring; contact your insurance agency to get the protection you need.

If a spring thaw brings flooding to your area, would you have the protection you need to ensure the rising waters do not drain your bank account? To get the best New York flood insurance, contact Scautub Agency today. Located in Scotia, we are here to protect local homeowners. Call us today!