Learn how to keep the outdoor areas of your business safe.

If your business incorporates outdoor spaces or has outdoor features such as fountains or seating, then you might have to take special safety precautions.  Unfortunately, outdoor features are prime targets for vandalism and theft.  Learn what steps you can take to make sure your business’s outdoor areas are protected.

Install Exterior Lighting

One way to discourage vandals and thieves is to keep your business’s outdoor areas well lit.  Consider installing motion-activated lights.  Not only will they help you and any customers move around when it’s dark, but it will also deter unwanted visitors.

Invest in Surveillance Cameras

Another way to protect your business’ outdoor spaces is to invest in security cameras.  Surveillance cameras will allow you to monitor your business’ outdoor spaces from inside your business or even while you’re away.  Additionally, just the sight of security cameras can deter vandals and thieves from targeting your business.  If you do install cameras, make sure you rely on the professionals as they will know where to place the cameras for the best visuals.

Secure Outdoor Features at Night

When it gets dark and your business is closing for the night, make sure you secure your outdoor spaces.  Chain down tables and chairs to prevent theft and lock items such as flower pots or decorative statues inside your business.

Prepare for Bad Weather

Beyond the threat of vandalism and theft, your business’s outdoor space is susceptible to weather conditions.  In the case of inclement weather, have a plan for protecting your space.  For example, if your business is located in an area with high flood risk, make sure you have commercial flood insurance.  Additionally, be ready to take safety measures such as laying down sandbags and posting signs that warn about wet, slippery floors.

As always, having the right insurance is also an important part of keeping your business’ outdoor spaces safe.  Contact the insurance experts at Scautub Agency for all your business insurance needs.