Recreational Vehicle Insurance Scotia NYInsurance Protection For Your Summer Travels

The snow is gone and the storms have passed, which means summer is here and it is time to celebrate! Many New York residents choose to celebrate the arrival of summer with a good ole’ fashioned road trip. If you will be embarking on a road trip and taking your boat out of storage to enjoy summer with your family and friends, keep these insurance tips in mind:

  • Do not make the mistake of assuming adequate coverage for your boat or RV under your existing homeowners insurance or auto insurance policies. This is a big mistake that many individuals make, only to find out they are lacking adequate coverage when they are in the most need. You will need to purchase exclusive policies to seek protection for your recreational vehicles.
  • Boat Insurance – When it comes to boat insurance, you cannot just assume that you do not need protection since you have an older boat. There is much more to consider beyond property damage. Since there are an abundant of liability risks on the open waters, you must seek liability insurance protection.
  • Recreational Vehicle Insurance – RVs are sort of like traveling homes. Therefore, you must need protection for it when it is stationary and traveling. Since your RV is susceptible to road threats while traveling, you will need auto insurance protection on the roads. However, an exclusive RV insurance policy is necessary since you will need unique insurance coverage when you set up camp at an RV campsite and call that location home for the duration of your vacation. You are susceptible to unique liability risks when your RV becomes a stationary home, including any injuries that may occur in or around your RV.

Contact Scautub Agency in Scotia for all of your New York recreational vehicle insurance needs. Whether you are looking to insure your ATV, personal watercraft, boat, or Jet Skis, we will go above and beyond until you are protected to the fullest.