Renters Insurance Scotia NYUnderstanding your renters insurance needs in Scotia, NY.

As a renter, a lot is easier for you. If something breaks in your rental, you can simply call your landlord. If something goes wrong with your landscaping, you again have a third-party to call. In fact, if you just get sick of your rental, you can get out at the end of your lease term!

Because renting requires a bit less of you, it’s easy to forget thinking about your insurance coverage. Or perhaps you have considered this topic, and come to the conclusion that your landlord’s insurance is enough.

Let us put the record straight. If you’re a renter, you should seriously consider getting renters’ insurance to protect yourself and your personal property. While your landlord’s policy will protect your building, you need your own coverage to replace your belongings and/or cover your liability.

How much renters insurance do you need? Answering this questions is relatively straightforward. You just need to consider 1. Your personal property and 2. Your risks.

Create a home inventory listing all of your personal belongings and their dollar amounts. Total up your inventory, and the number you get is how much property insurance your renters policy should offer.

You also need a renters insurance to cover your liability. Do you have a dog? Participate in risky activities (e.g. high-speed sports, sky diving)? Have a slippery floor? If any of these exposures leave you facing a liability lawsuit, your renters policy can step in to cover the costs. You simply need to figure out how much you’re exposed, and obtain coverage accordingly.

Would you like to talk to a dedicated insurance agent about setting up the right renters insurance policy? If you’re renting in Scotia or the surrounding New York area, don’t hesitate to contact Scautub Agency today! Our team of agents is here to help you put the right protection—via the right policy—in place at your rental.