Reviewing your Insurance Policy Scotia New YorkAn Annual Insurance Review Will Help You Stay Protected

When was the last time you looked over your insurance coverage? Because your policy may be a bit confusing, many people steer clear of spending too much time with it. Failing to take a look at your coverage at least once a year can leave you unprotected or even paying for coverage you no longer need, though.

Once a year, make it a point to connect with your insurance agent and go over your coverage. Why is this important? Think back to this time last year. How much has changed since then? How has your family adapted? Have you purchased new possessions? Has your route to work altered? Even minor changes call for a review to ensure you are not left exposed due to a gap in your coverage.

When you meet with your agent, look over your homeowner’s insurance policy. Let your agent know about any changes you have made to your house, whether those were home improvements or safety feature installations. Make sure that you talk about your valuables so that you will not be left exposed by the limits on coverage in your policy.

Secondly, evaluate your auto insurance. Are you still driving the same amount? Do you need to add a teen driver or a new vehicle? Did you build a garage in which you are now parking your car (bring that up in your homeowners insurance review, too)? Talking through your coverage will ensure you are protected no matter what lies on the road ahead.

Reviewing your policy should not be a headache-riddled hassle. To work with a team of agents dedicated to helping you get the most protection for the least expense and helping you actually understand your coverage, contact Scautub Agency. Conveniently located in Scotia, we are here to meet all of your New York insurance needs.