Safe Winter Driving TipsThe winter is a beautifully cold season and that means the roads become a bit more dangerous. 

The winter and snow make for a great nature documentary. But when you live outside of the Himalayas or the Boreal Forest, dealing with the snow can become a rather large nuisance–especially when you drive on the snowy, slippery, and icy roads. The winter can make any road dangerous, which is why it is important that you know the basics about driving on the roads during this time. Here are a few safe winter driving tips that will help you and your family during this winter season.

Safe Winter Driving Tips

  1. Winter Tires
    Your regular tires are not made to handle icy conditions and won’t gain traction. Install your winter tires before the first snow of the season to ensure your safety from day one.
  2. Tire Pressure
    As the temperature drops so, too, does pressure. The ideal gas law affects things like the atmosphere, tires, and even footballs. Make sure that your tires are ready for the cold temperatures of winter.
  3. Scrape the Ice
    Make sure to scrape the ice from your windows and mirrors. Scraping ice becomes much easier when you leave your car running with the heat on for about five minutes.
  4. Leave Space
    Icy roads produce very little friction, which leads to sliding and drifting. Be sure to leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you. Should they brake quickly, you can be assured that you will have enough time to come to a complete stop.

Protect yourself and the other cars on the road with these safe winter driving tips. For full coverage on your personal auto insurance and serenity of knowing your policy will have the right limits when an accident occurs, contact Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York.