With the onset of the winter season, motorbike riders can find it challenging to keep up with the cold weather. The risk of mishaps increases with extremely cold temperatures and snow. However, with the right motorcycle insurance, motorcyclists can remain protected against potential risks and enjoy a safe ride, even in cold weather.

Why Is Bike Riding in the Winter Risky?

There are several risk factors involved in riding a bike during the winter season. Some of the major risk factors that you must consider are mentioned below.

  1. Poor visibility due to snow

    Bike riding in snow is not an easy task; severe snow can reduce your visibility and hence increase the risk of mishaps.

  2. Harsh cold winds

    Cold winds can become more intense and unbearable while you are riding a bike.

  3. Slippery roads

    Snow on the roads leads to reduced traction and hence increases the risk of slipping off the bike.

  4. Cold tires

    Cold tires offer less grip and make it difficult for the rider to accelerate and brake, putting you at risk.

Safety Tips That Motorcycle Riders Must Follow in Winters

  1. Be mentally and physically prepared

    Riding in extremely cold temperatures can be a mentally and physically challenging task. Being mentally prepared to face the challenges that come up during the ride is extremely important. You can then gear up physically and dress up in layers to keep yourself warm during the ride.

  2. Check tire pressures

    Low temperature reduces the tire pressure which makes handling the vehicle a difficult task. So, make sure to check your tire pressure from time to time.

  3. Take regular breaks

    Taking regular breaks is important for you as well as your bike. The extreme temperature can make you feel tired soon, so it is recommended that you take timely breaks between long-distance bike rides.

  4. Ride in a group for safety

    Ride in a group to ensure you have someone around in case of any emergency. Riding together will also enhance your bike riding experience.

  5. Proper motorcycle maintenance is essential

    Make sure that your bike is well-equipped to face cold conditions. Get your bike serviced before you hit the roads in the winter.

List of Essential Winter Motorcycle Gear

Equip yourself with the following list of winter motorcycle gear for a comfortable motorbike riding experience.

  • An insulated helmet for winter
  • Winter rider’s jacket
  • Insulated leather gloves
  • Insulated rider’s pant
  • Neck gaiter

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