Scotia Insuring Young Drivers Many parents dread the day when their children get their licenses because they know that an increase in their auto insurance premium is inevitable. When it comes to insuring young drivers, insurance companies must increase your premium to account for the increased risk of being involved in an accident. Teen drivers notoriously get involved in more accidents and receive more traffic tickets because they are still learning the ways of the road. The lack of experience makes them an increased risk for insurance companies.

However, insuring your new teen driver does not mean you have to break the bank to afford the increase. There are a variety of auto insurance discounts available for those insuring young drivers on their auto insurance policy. The auto insurance discount that you will love the most is the good student discount. All those years of “nagging” your child to maintain good grades will finally be transferred to your insurance carrier’s responsibility. Tell your child that if they want to drive, they must maintain a B average or 3.0GPA in order to keep their car. Without this insurance discount, your auto insurance will be very costly.

You may be able to save on auto insurance by choosing the right car for your teen driver as well. Be sure to choose a car that is rated a safe ride and inexpensive to repair or replace. Many auto insurance carriers will reward parents with discounts for getting their child a car that has additional safety features. These safety features may include rear-view camera, collision preparation systems, anti-theft devices, anti-texting devices, etc. Affordable auto insurance for your teen driver is possible with Scautub Agency!

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