Small Business Disaster Recovery Plan

Unfortunately, natural disasters and accidents are completely out of our control. Likewise, many of the most common disasters fail to leave warning, making it extremely difficult for both individuals and businesses to react in a timely manner. Small business owners must plan accordingly, because without a sound disaster recovery plan in place, it is impossible to react and recover with ease. We understand you have a lot on your plate as a business owner, which is why we have gathered these important tips in developing a business’ disaster recovery plan:

  • Once you have an emergency response plan in place, thoroughly train employees so that panic during a disaster will be diminished. Prepared individuals react and recover in a more organized manner.
  • Employees should understand their specific responsibilities in a disaster. For example, if you have your secretary doing roll call at the meeting place, that employee should understand their duty.
  • Conducting regular disaster drills will lessen worries of a disaster immensely. Simply schedule a monthly disaster drill so that employees can feel comfortable in the procedures.
  • You should have a disaster emergency contact list drafted and confirmed, regularly. You should have both an electronic copy and a hard copy of your emergency contact list.
  • You will also need to determine how you will contact clients after the disaster. Failure to plan ahead for a client can prove to be consequential. Organizations that neglect this vital step often come across grave challenges when trying to recover from a disaster.

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