Summer Fire Safety TipsUse These Fire Safety Tips This Summer

Summer is finally here, giving us all a much needed break after the harsh New York winter we experienced. The rising temperatures also means a rising risk of fires, though. Use this fire safety guide to extinguish your fire risks this summer.

  • Lightning: The atmospheric conditions change during the summer, making it the most common time for lightning to strike. Protect your home against a fire caused by lightning striking by installing a whole house surge protector between your home’s power line and its main breaker.
  • Grill: After a day in the office missing out on the summer sun, the last thing you want to do when you get home is be cooped up in the kitchen. That likely has you turning to your grill for much of your cooking during the warmer months. Read your owner’s manual before operation and keep a fire extinguisher handy to stay safe while grilling.
  • Wildfires: You cannot control fire outbreak near your home, but you can put in some work to protect your house. Make sure there is a ten foot perimeter around your house that is cleared of flammable materials (including dead vegetation). Clear your gutters and keep all of your plants well-hydrated to minimize kindling.

Another key to protecting your family against summer fire risks is creating an emergency response plan. Make sure that each family member knows how to respond in the face of a blaze.

Should the worst happen and a summer fire take all or part of your home, would you have the homeowners insurance necessary to ensure you are able to rebuild and replace all of your belongings? So your quality of life never goes up in smoke, contact Scautub Agency. Serving Scotia and the surrounding New York area, we are here to help you get the homeowners insurance you need to safeguard your summer.