Summer Insurance Scotia NYSummer Insurance Tips

As a responsible individual, it is important to realize that all of the fun associated with summer comes with some insurance implications. To ensure that you are able to enjoy each day of summer without a worry in the world, it is important that you keep these summer insurance tips in mind:

  • If you will be inviting family, friends, and neighbors over to take a dip in your pool, you will want to increase the liability limits of your homeowner’s insurance policy to account for the elevated risk.
  • Cruising out on the open waters this summer? If you will be riding on the waters in your boat, Jet Ski, or personal watercraft, it is important that you seek boat insurance or update your existing coverage. Despite common misconception, you cannot just extend the coverage of your auto and homeowners insurance policies to cover your watercrafts.
  • Embarking on a summer road trip? If so, be sure to check with your auto insurance policy to make sure that you are equipped with enough coverage. Often, we forget the insurance implications of crossing state borders until it is already too late to seek additional protection.
  • If your motorcycle has been in storage all winter long but you are finally taking it out on the open roads, be sure to update your motorcycle insurance policy. Without the proper coverage, you leave yourself and others on the road vulnerable to harm, not to mention litigation for not having the required insurance coverage.
  • Planning on renting out your home for others to enjoy on their vacations? Since this makes you a landlord in a sense, be sure to seek the proper insurance protection. The last thing you want is to be left unprotected and without coverage after a tenant slips and falls on your property.

Are you protected for summer? Contact Scautub Agency in Scotia for all of your New York summer insurance needs.