Protect your classic car until spring weather returns.

During the harsh winter months, many classic car owners store their vehicles until spring returns.  However, simply putting your car into storage is not enough to keep it safe.  If you want your classic car to survive in storage all winter long, make sure that you take these important maintenance steps.

  • Clean It Thoroughly

Before putting your car into winter storage, you should carefully clean, dry, and wax it.  While you are cleaning your car, look out for signs of damage.  If you notice any issues, then have them repaired by a professional, so your car is in tip-top condition when it comes out of storage.  Before leaving your car, make sure to cover it with a sturdy, waterproof tarp as an added layer of protection against winter weather.

  • Replace Your Oil

If you haven’t already changed your oil, you should do so immediately.  When your classic car has fresh oil in its tank, you can ensure that dirty, corroded oil doesn’t damage your engine while in storage.  When replacing your oil, make sure you choose one that will remain stable until your car comes out of storage.  Synthetic oils are typically your best bet as they remain stable for about a year.

  • Preserve Your Fuel

If you still have fuel in your car, then add stabilizer to your fuel tank.  You may also want to run your car after adding the stabilizer to ensure that it gets into your car’s carburetor and injector.  The stabilizer will ensure that leftover fuel doesn’t start corroding your car’s engine as it sits in storage.

  • Update Your Insurance

Some classic car owners believe that they don’t need auto insurance while their car is in winter storage.  While it’s true that you will not be on the road, this does not mean that you can escape the risk of damage.  Imagine what would happen if your storage unit sustained damage, leaving your car exposed to the elements.  Or, think about what would happen if your car was stolen out of storage.  If you do not want to pay for these damages and losses out-of-pocket, then you need the right auto insurance coverage.

These are some of the maintenance tasks that you should complete to care for your classic car while it’s in winter storage.  Need help with your auto insurance this winter?  If so, then contact the experts at Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York.  We are ready to assist you with all your car coverage needs today.